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Will Facebook Continue to Dominate in 2015?

There are a lot of people asking if Facebook will continue to Dominate in 2015, with new Social Media programs such as Instagram and Pinterest, and the continued growth of Twitter this is a good question. It’s no surprise that more visual, immediate gratification Social Media, is growing in popularity in our microwave society that we live in. Very little is left to the imagination these days. Having sites that our very interactive and visual makes sense, and people are really starting to question how Facebook will continue to evolve. There has been a lot of questioning lately as to the effectiveness of Facebook’s ads and Marketing, people are starting to question how beneficial and real the likes they are getting really are. Lots of people are disappointed that Facebook has really cut back on how far your reach is within your own fans these days without paid promotion. This hurts businesses, and makes them question if Facebook continues to be the best choice for their marketing efforts.

Then you throw Google + into the mix, and now you have a real wild card, it’s similar to Facebook; however since Google owns it, your Youtube Videos,etc are centralized right into your G+ page, so your clients can view almost everything right into a centralized hub. As a Marketer we love that we can get a quick snap shot of all our analytics right from our Google + Dashboard. Google is also using +1’s as a ranking indicator now as well, which indicates that businesses will be forced to start looking more into it’s effectiveness.

Tell us what you think in the comments, is Facebook the new Myspace? Or Do you see Facebook Dominating still in 2015?

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