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When is the Best Time To Post Your Social Content???

Ever wonder why your content is not getting the responses you desire? The answer could be that your posting at the wrong times! Studies have shown that prime time for Social Media content to be posted is around 9am est, and again around noon. Let’s break down why these times are so valuable. The 9 am timeframe for posting your Social Media content is excellent because this is right when many east coast employees are starting to arrive at work and their checking Social Media updates right before they decide to finally get their day started.  Some east coast employees will have already begun their day and needed a quick break at this time, so they instantly checkout what’s new on the Internet. Smartphones have really become a game changer in allowing instant access to information, so this early morning time frame works great. If you post to early, it becomes lost in the shuffle, to late and people feel obligated to work.  The next best time to post your content is right around noon.  Noon works great because the employees in the eastern time zone will be heading to lunch, and many take time to look into their favorite content again. On the western part of the United States their employees are just heading into work, and our doing the exact same thing, wasting time before getting into their days work.  This makes those two time frames prime real estate; however let me add two more time frames into the mix.

4pm is our next favorite time period, because the west coast is starting their lunch breaks  So try to pump out some content around 4pm to catch some of these people whom are looking for new content.

Finally don’t forget to schedule some posts for around 7 or 8pm  as well as on the weekend. Many people who publish content for companies get into the habit of posting during working hours only. Understand that your potential clients can have much more diverse working schedules and many of them work nights and weekends, so don’t be afraid to schedule posts during these times. Just be smart and schedule them before you leave work, so that your not spending off hours posting content.




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