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So You Know How The Last Time You Searched It Was From Your Phone????

Well, your not a alone, almost everyone is doing searches from their Smartphone. It’s just so easy, and our Smartphones are always with us. How many times have you wanted an answer to a question and simply used Google or Bing from your favorite mobile device to instantly find the answer. Recent research is indicating that by December of next year almost half of all searches will be from your Smartphones. What’s that mean for your business? The main thing is to make sure your websites and landing pages look and function great on mobile devices. Take the time to test multiple devices, Apple/Android, Smartphones and Tablets, and ensure that the experience is superb for your clients. The next thing is to understand, that since Google’s hummingbird update release the web is really going conversational. This means it’s more important that ever to focus on content the end user will appreciate, and not try and have rigid keywords intended for pure SEO usage. Take time doing research on long tail keywords, that will help drive a targeted traffic into your site. Tell us how you think Mobile devices will impact the web!

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