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Selling Techniques- Getting Clients to Talk to You.

Have you ever had a time in sales where a client told you just looking? Did you ever wonder why the rest of your sales processes seem to be difficult? The problem could stem from the fact that you’ve failed to make a solid connection and  build rapport with the customer when you greeted them.  Having a lot of sales experience, a video was created and posted on Youtube about this very topic. Listen and learn about how you can become a better sales person, simply by getting the customer to open up to you.  In the video there is talk about how many sales persons ask a customer if they can help them find anything? This is a horrible way to get clients to talk to you. The key is standing out and being different then the rest of sales people if you want to build rapport and have the client talk with you about your offerings.  Once you’ve learned how to get the conversation started an rapport to start growing then qualifying the customer with open ended questions will make for a much more simple closing process.  The link below is to the video we created, it’s super short and to the point. Don’t forget to subscribe for additional videos on how to be a better sales person.    I really hope you use the techniques and have a lot more success with getting clients to talk to you, so that you can build rapport and have happier customers.


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