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Quick Keyword Advice

A lot of times people will ask us how they can rank for keywords that are very basic and very popular. When inquiring about SEO they often ask about guaranteeing results for these keywords. Please understand that you’re not going to be able to become first page ranking for words like: Car, Apple, Dog, unless your some super large company with millions for marketing budgets. Even then you have a very long uphill battle. Even if you could rank for keywords like this why would you want to? A car could be a car, a truck, a van, etc, it could be about car repair, car maintenance, buying a car, etc. This wouldn’t allow for very targeted traffic. Our recommendation is to utilize tools like Google’s Keyword planning tool (info found here: ) to find long tail keywords. What’s a long tail keyword you may ask? Keywords that are very descriptive and specific make up these types of search terms. For instance if you were a car repair facility here in Columbus Ohio, you might want to try and rank for keywords such as Columbus Ohio Car repair. This would be considered a long tail keyword. Or you may even try variations like car repair facilities in Columbus Ohio. These might have very different search volumes. Our recommendation is to find keyword tools to find a low competition but vast search volume. This is one of the best ways to start ranking higher. Always remember never take advice from an SEO that claims they can guarantee ranks, and never over keyword stuff. Google is going conversational in their search results, we’ll talk more about this later.

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