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Is Google Losing it’s Dominance?

2015 is preparing to be a very big year for Search Engines, and the Internet in general. There is a lot of concern that Google has lost it’s touch and will lose it’s dominance on Internet searches. Yahoo just signed a major deal to be the primary search engine for Firefox, one of the Internet’s largest web browsers. This has been a position that Google has held for a long time. Yahoo also just posted that they’re seeing an increase in search traffic.  Pair this with the fact that Apple will be able to choose whom they want for their primary search engine company, on their devices, and Bing and Yahoo could really make a large impact if either of them win this contract. It seems like a consideration Apple might make, if either of these brands show they can provide quality results, as Google owns Android OS, which is Apple’s main competition in mobile, and portable devices. This year will certainly be a great and interesting year for the search engines.

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