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Is Google Checking Facts As a Ranking Signal? – Not Yet……….

There has been a lot of talk about all the changes coming to Google next month. We’ve all heard about how Google is holding websites accountable to being mobile – friendly by April 21st. Another major update people are discussing is when Google will be launching a fact checking system as a indicator of how well a site should rank. According to the best information we have, Google is not currently utilizing a fact checking system in their normal search engine results, but that is something they maybe releasing at some time. How does this effect the SEO world?

As a Columbus SEO Company, CWT Enterprises Inc. , has always instructed customers to focus their efforts on creating excellent content for humans. Content that actual people will be able to find useful. We suggest they check facts, and position themselves as Subject Matter Experts in their field. This being said we’ve always been against being overly worried about links, or about this or that when it comes to SEO. The main thing to worry about is writing engaging content that your customers will love and search engines will eventually follow you. Those of you whom have taken our advice previously and just worry about awesome quality content will have a lot less to be concerned about.

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