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How to Know If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-Friendly is all the buzz right now as everyone is scrambling around trying to ensure they are safe for Google’s April 21st updates, which require Mobile-Friendliness.  As a Columbus SEO Company, we’ve always done our best to focus on making sure our client’s sites looked great on all their devices. Unfortunately not everyone has placed enough emphasis on this and now need to know if their site is Mobile-Friendly or Not.

Thankfully there are multiple ways to identify if your website is Mobile – Friendly or not. The first is to simply google your company name and if your site is compliant you will see text that states Mobile-Friendly. When you see this text, you’ll know your in good shape. Another great way to test compliance, is to utilize Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tester. To make the tester work all that needs done is simply entering your website’s url and then hitting submit. The benefit of using this testing tool is that you will also get feedback on exactly why you have failed the Mobile-Friendly compliance.

It’s worth noting that what you may think is Mobile-Friendly may not be. To achieve a site which is regarded as being compliant with Google’s Mobile-Friendly requirements, your site must be visible without a user having to pinch, or otherwise manipulate the screen to accommodate the site. Your site will be required to look great without user involvement on all devices.

Google has stated that a web site will either be compliant or will not be and that ratings will be affected accordingly. The Columbus SEO Company highly recommends that you find out if your site is compliant or not right away. There is no need to wait to the last minute and find out that your site is not ready. Columbus Web Design is something our firm specializes in, thus if you need help we are here for you.




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