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Features Tell and Benefits Sell!

New to selling, having trouble understanding why your not closing the sale? Are customer’s often saying,” You’ve given me a lot to think about? This is a common problem for newer sales people, and occasionally with more experience sales people whom never where shown the best practices in discussing features. I always say features tell and benefits sell.  When it can be said that a customer is telling a sales person that they have a lot to think about, then the sales person probably spent to much time talking about features and didn’t focus on relating, in simple terms, how those features benefited the customer. A feature is simply something your product has, a benefit is how it will improve a customers experience. What tends to happen when a person forgets that features tell and benefits sell is that they start rattling off all the amazing features of their product, often confusing their potential customer. For example if the person where selling a tv they might say, this product has a 60in screen, has smart features, has Active 3D, has 240hz, 1400 clear motion rate, evolution kit available, etc, etc. This has probably confused you already! All these random things mean nothing to your potential customer, when stated in this format, they’re simply features that your telling . A much better way of doing this would be as follows. ” Mr./Ms. Customer I know that you talked about being 10ft back, so this TV having a 60in screen is a great size for your room, Since you love watching movies in the theater, this Tv features a simple to use 3D setup so that you can have that movie theater experience in your own home. I know we talked about how much you both love sports, so since this TV runs @ 240 speed, it has a much clearer picture than most other Tv’s when there is fast moving action, also this Tv has the ability to be upgraded when new technology comes out to help feature proof your purchase.”  In that final scenario the customer has a much better understanding of how this TV makes their experience much more enjoyable with simple to understand terms.   A further bit of advice is to take a second to confirm after each benefit that it’s something the customer agrees they will enjoy!  Use this process and have a much simpler time helping a customer make a purchase. For more info a youtube video has been created.

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