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Don’t forget Bing!

S0 everyone always talks about Google, which makes some sense as they have roughly 70% of the search engine market share; however are you missing a decent amount of potential traffic?  Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and there has been studies indicating that over 20% of US searches are done on Bing.  We recommend going to and you can see head to head results for Google vs. Bing on search topics you choose. You simple pick which results listing you like better, and then at the end it shows you how many times you picked each. You may be surprised in which you like better. Bottom line in our opinion give Bing some attention, otherwise you could be missing out on some traffic. Bing has a webmaster central area in which you can make sure everything is looking good with your site. This is similar to Google’s webmaster tools. Let us know about your thoughts.


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