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Having a nice looking web site is mission critical these days; however many companies fail to have good looking sites, why is this? We’re guessing they haven’t met our Columbus Web Design firm, if they have, a great site they would own. Websites are so much more than just a page now a days. The companies web site should be a web presence which serves as the centralized hub to all your Marketing efforts. Do you like to loss potential customers? Having a poor website not built by our Columbus Web Design firm, could be causing you to lose customers. Let’s talk about how to accomplish having a great site.

Many people are afraid that having a new website is going to be a challenging process.  This does not have to be the case, our Columbus SEO Company and Columbus Web Design Agency has a solution which makes having a beautiful site possible, with no stress. Now a days, web pages can be made using Content Management Systems (CMS) which allows for an admin panel, thus making updating very easy for our customers. Our Favorite CMS is WordPress, which represents about 20% of all webpages that currently exist.  Wordpress allows a customer to pick a theme, which is roughly a 70% completed foundation of your new site, and then allow a  web design company to go in an customize the site with your images and your content. This creates an environment in which our team can provide a new site in days not months. WordPress is incredibly easy to update, and our customers love how easy it is for them to fully manage and update your own site. It’s important that your websites is up to full power, are you ready to fix it now?

Search Engine Optimization is very important and WordPress allows for a customer to ensure their site is optimized and then your customers will be able to find you, now that your site will rank higher. Having great content is the single biggest way to get better search rankings, and WordPress allows you to have excellent, fresh content. This is great for your customers whom love their companies to have fresh info. Please take the time to rejuvenate your  Website.




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