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Checkout Cause For Paws! An Ohio Dog Rescue Group!

For those of you whom live in Columbus Ohio and are in need of an addition to your family checkout Cause For Paws Dog Rescue. CWT Inc. recently donated a web site for them as to hopefully increase awareness and find more homes for these amazing dogs. They are an amazing rescue group full of passionate people that really make a difference. Cause For Paws has an excellent and very active Facebook Page.

The site comes built in with a Petfinder syncing system, which keeps their page and adoptable animals perfectly in sync with their Petfinder page. This eliminates having to update both a home page and  a Petfinder page. They simply make the edits on Petfinder and it automatically shows the new adoptable animals on their site. The best part is all the info from Petfinder shows up as well.

Good luck to the wonderful people at Cause For Paws!



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